Betriebsbesichtigung KWM Weisshaar

Informativ und Interessant

Zu unserer Betriebsbesichtigung der Firma KWM Weisshaar lud das Aktive Gewerbe Neckar und Elz seine Mitglieder im Juni 2016 ein. Die beiden Geschäftsführern Jörg und Karl Weißhaar boten einen interessanten Einblick in Produktpalette und Produktion der Firma. Hiefür möchten wir nochmals unseren Dank aussprechen.
It was a humorously perilous business for both of us. For, before we proceed further, it must be said that the monkey-rope was fast at both ends; fast to Queequeg's broad canvas belt, and fast to my narrow leather one. So that for better or for worse, we two, for the time, were wedded; and should poor Queequeg sin.
The ultimate vision
Being the savage's bowsman, that is, the person who pulled the bow-oar in his boat (the second one from forward), it was my cheerful duty to attend upon him while taking that hard-scrabble scramble upon the dead whale's back. You have seen Italian organ-boys holding a dancing-ape by a long cord. Just so, from the ship's steep side, did I hold Queequeg down there in the sea, by what is technically called in the fishery a monkey.